Park and Announce not playing Page Announcements

I have had success using Park and Announce with the exception of using Page Announcements 1, 2 and or 3.
The Announce Order contains the Page Announcement, Caller Message and Park Slot.
The last 2 play just fine but the Page Announcement does not play.

I have changed the Announcement and the delivery order to no avail.

Any assistance appreciated.

Paging Pro 15.0.13
Parking Lot
Parking Pro 15.0.13
Queues 15.0.33
Asterisk 17.9.3


Check the logs and make sure the file is found.

Hi Cynjut,
Thank you for looking at this issue for me.

The following is in the log file. The test sound file “Meeting_switch_unset” is loaded on to the system, I use it elsewhere in my pbx quite successfully.

2503[2021-07-11 12:33:34] WARNING[29534] file.c: File custom/Meeting_switch_unset does not exist in any format

2504[2021-07-11 12:33:34] WARNING[29534] file.c: Unable to open custom/Meeting_switch_unset (format (slin)): No such file or directory

2505[2021-07-11 12:33:34] WARNING[29534] parking/parking_applications.c: ast_streamfile of custom/Meeting_switch_unset failed on Local/[email protected];1

I then did a little more digging and found the custom sound files in /var/lib/astrerisk/sounds/en_Au/custom

Note the en_AU which is my chosen system language. The module Park and Announce is successfully using customs sounds in other parts of the app so I assume this is an issue with that segment of the app?

As a work around I guess that I can make a copy of the required sound files in the “en” directory but you may be able to indicate an error on my part.


IIRC, Park and Announce is a commercial modules, so I’m not sure we’re going to go far down that road.

If it was me, I’d look for /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/custom and see if that exists. If it does, use the “cd /var/lib/asterisk/sounds ; ln -s en_Au/custom/Meet* custom” and see if that catches. If, do the same, but link it to “… en/custom” directory and see how that goes.

The important piece of advice here is to use the Link command and not to just copy it around. That way, when you make a change to the original file, the other copies should pick up the change as well.

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