Panasonic UT113 - Cannot Connect To PBX

I am pulling my hair out trying to connect a UT113 (FW 01.281) to my PBX.

I have tried many variations of settings, fiddled here and there and cannot get anywhere!

Can anybody throw some ideas my way?


Thanks in advance,


between two seconds on google:-

and the wiki here, you should be good to go.

Thanks for the pointers, but the video tells me nothing new - I know how to set phones up, but this one is stumping me!

Also, nothing visible on the wiki!

Perhaps you can tell use what you have fiddled with and post some logs. Is the phone registering? Is it trying to register? Is the phone in the same network as the server? Help us help you by providing detailed info.

This is why we have the End Point Manager and this phone is supported on it.

The server is remote (Xen) and other remote phones connect to it, some from the same location.

I have entered variations of all SIP settings:
Phone number
Registrar Server Address
Service Domain
Authentication ID
Authentication Password

The PBX is accesibile via IP address (no FQDN).

I cannot see that it is registering on the server

Tony, I am looking at EPM, but is it commercial/costed? May by too much for one handset!

Also have this issue.
Panasonic KX-UT113 and KX-HDV130 cannot register on FreePBX


:roll_eyes: Few things changed in that timeā€¦ Please create a new topic and provide the most information possible. Thanks