Panasonic Sip Phone & Paging

I have a Panasonic KX-TGP500 Phone System I bought yesterday. It is working fantastic minus paging. I have my desk phone a cisco spa525g2 and currently 3 of these tgp-50 panasonic phones. I can use the Panasonic phone to page my desk phone without a problem but I can not page from my desk phone back to the cordless phone. I have also tried letting the system dial *80nnn in a wake up call and once again it works for and pages the cisco phone but not the Panasonics. This is disappointing it would be really nice to be able to page these phones. I am kind of lost on what to do. Any ideas would be great. I may be returning them with this issue unresolved.

Paging requires your phone to have an auto-answer option as it says on the “paging” page, if your hardware can’t do that then you are SOL

Panasonic KX-TGP500 will work with intercom calls and auto answer. One of the things I researched before buying. Followed the manual as well and intercom auto answer is on. It seems like it is just not recognizing a page?

You know what. I think you are right. It seems like you are able to page from the phones. EXAMPLE. I can pick up one cordless handset and go into menu then intercom and select handset number 2 and it will page it. However, just will not work with freepbx. SUX.

From the sales pitch

. . The SIP Cordless Phone System allows three simultanous calls while handling all the intercom and internal calls without utilizing any bandwidth.

Presumably the intercom calls of which you speak are DECT not SIP


That makes perfect sense. Good little handsets otherwise. Thanks again.