Panasonic KX-TGP500 SIP DECT Phone

I have tried to get a Panasonic KX-TGP500 SIP DECT Phone to work with a Sangoma PBXact UC40 to no avail.

I have ensured that the Panasonic settings match the settings in the FreePBX wiki and that the extension is also set per the wiki though I am getting no where.

extension is 4003

Here are the settings and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Registrar Server Address
Registrar Server Port 5060

Proxy Server Address
Proxy Server Port 5060

Presence Server Address
Presence Server Port 5060

Outbound Proxy Server
Outbound Proxy Server Address
Outbound Proxy Server Port 5060

SIP Service Domain
Service Domain

SIP Source Port
Source Port 5060

SIP Authentication
Authentication ID 4003
Authentication Password ••••••••••••••••

In general, no logs from you, then nobody can realistically help you.

Service domain should be empty.
Be sure to enter your SIP URI in the corresponding field, according to your data it should be [email protected]

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