Panasonic KX-NT343 phones

Has anyone had success in adding these phones? I have a customer who already owns these and would like to use them with Freepbx

I am just hoping they will work with end point manager and if there are any loss of features.

They are not supported in EPM. Sorry

is there any way to make them work at all?

I’m certified in Panasonic, the KX-nt343 phones are proprietary phones that only works with KXtde, ncp500/1000, and NS700/100 Panasonic phone systems. They are NOT SIP phones.

is this still a supported system? is it a cloud or on premise?

I think that’s the important thing to take from this. Throw it away, it’s not going to work.

I know. We want to know now, if the system is still supported by Panasonic

They expect the PBX to be on premise or VPN’d. It’s designed for a closed network, unlike SIP. The nt343 were replaced by the nt543’s but are very similar in hardware (internally). They are still supported by Pana and do hold their value as many systems were installed with these phones, and since the newer phones look different, many techs still need the nt343’s as warranty replacements.

Don’t throw it away! They have value to Panasonic techs and end-users. eBay it!

If you really want to use proprietary Panasonic phones. in case you have quite a few of them, the only way is to buy a used legacy Panasonic PBX. They are very cheap to buy. With several analog connections you may either connect it to analog ports on your IPPBX or use an adapter like spa-112 to connect 2 PBX analog ports to your system making it a SUB PBX…Than you may configure it with the Panasonic PBX combined with your IP PBX…

Also quite some years ago I noticed a US company that made sip adapters to Panasonic phones and other analog brands. Just that the price per port was very high (~120-140$) and perhaps justified for very large deployments…