Panasonic KX-HDV230 call pickup?

Dear all,

How can call pickup be set up on Panasonic BLF?
call pickup via **123 works, but if BLF is set to 123, instead of picking up a call, another concurrent call is placed to 123
extensive googling did not help… Thanks in advance!

I’m pretty sure I don’t understand the question, since you answered the easy one in this sentence.

Sorry, could have phrased it better.
BLF keys are set to extension numbers
When extension for “Bob” rings, and Bob is not there, “Jane” wants to pick up his call.
If Jane dials ** and Bob’s extension, she can pick up his call.
However, if Jane pushes Bob’s BLF key, she is not picking up Bob’s call, but instead makes a parallel call to Bob’s extension, so now Bob is getting two incoming calls at the same time.

Question is how to stop this, and make the BLF button call the extension when it is free, and pick up that extension’s calls when it is being called from elsewhere


For this to work, the call pickup feature must be supported by the phone. This is a question for Panasonic.

What @lgaetz said, plus it sounds like you want the button to be able to do two things:

  1. To dial the extension number of the phone when it’s on-hook.
  2. To dial the directed call pickup (DCP) number if the remote phone is ringing.

Out of the box, especially on a Panasonic phone, I would think that would be incredibly hard to do.

I can only think of one way, and that would involve setting a hint and somehow using the hint value to direct all calls to specific extensions to DCP if that phone is ringing. That would be a lot of code to make it so that the system could handle it generically. Doable, I think, but challenging.

Very counter intuitive and probably violates the rule of least astonishment.

Now, if it’s something you want the system to do, put in a feature request and see what happens.