Paid support


i am looking for occasional paid support / maintenance.
I know about Sangoma Support packages. Are there any other options?

Not here.

In general, we (as a group) have tried to keep commercial support off the forum. There are plenty of people on here that can do support, but that would be between you and them.

Other than Sangoma, if you want commercial support you should probably reach out directly to the people that have expressed some interest in your problems and can help you.

I assume it would be OK (in terms of forum etiquette) to do this: post a little bit more about what you want and ask folks to send you a private message if they are available for the job.

By “a little bit more” I mean you should mention what kind of work you envision and how many hours roughly, as well as the kind of software you are running (FreePBX distro you installed yourself, FreePBX open source installed by a consultant, cloud or on-prem etc).

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