Paging with Cyberdata Paging Gateway & Bogen PCM2000

(Jonathan P) #1

Hello Everyone,

I’m having some problems getting audio out from my Cyberdata SIP paging gateway to a Bogen PCM2000. We have the newer version of PCMTIM.

I have followed the instructions on page 5 & 6. Tried both configurations.

The config on page 6 will pause or stop the background music over the speakers. However no audio from the Sangoma phones.

I set cyber data to send pre-configured DTMF analog zone 0 and tried 00. DTMF delay is set to 500ms

Any help or idea’s would be appreciated.

Also my Sangoma s705 phone dtmf is set to rfc4733 in freepbx

(Jonathan P) #2

Got this working by sending DTMF digits 0100. The delay being sent from Cyberdata to Bogen may be to great.