Paging with Cyberdata Paging Gateway & Bogen PCM2000

Hello Everyone,

I’m having some problems getting audio out from my Cyberdata SIP paging gateway to a Bogen PCM2000. We have the newer version of PCMTIM.

I have followed the instructions on page 5 & 6. Tried both configurations.

The config on page 6 will pause or stop the background music over the speakers. However no audio from the Sangoma phones.

I set cyber data to send pre-configured DTMF analog zone 0 and tried 00. DTMF delay is set to 500ms

Any help or idea’s would be appreciated.

Also my Sangoma s705 phone dtmf is set to rfc4733 in freepbx

Got this working by sending DTMF digits 0100. The delay being sent from Cyberdata to Bogen may be to great.

It also appears the newer Bogen PCM2000 requires a 1.3 sec delay before sending the DTMF code thru. This was accomplished with an ALGO 8301. Record a wav file with 1.3 sec silence then add zero zero dtmf. Then page will go thru.

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