Paging Via Sipura 3102

Hello all,

I’ve got a need to for paging on one site where they already have a powered overhead speaker and amp. I previously had this working with a Cisco UC520 (Cisco’s PBX - decent, but not as robust as an Asterisk solution) through the .8" line-out jack in the back of it. They are now on Asterisk and I’d like to do this using the FXO port through a Cisco Sipura SPA 3102.

One problem/question… is this even doable? I would create a trunk in Asterisk… I’m guessing… and then route whatever dialing number (300, for example) to use for paging through to the trunk, right? Or will the 3102 not even support this ability?




The SPA3102 don’t have a line-out connection
You can create a sip end/or trunk to the SPA3102 to use the POTS line of the SPA3102 to your asterisk
create a sip account on the asterisk and add these in the phone setup on the spa3102

I have the SPA3102 here running to route my analog POTS line to my asterisk freepbx
backside i have a analog telephone on the SPA3102 with use a internal sip account on the Asterisk

all traffic are true my pbx routed

I use the Valcom IP Page Pro boxes. They do just what you want. They look like an extension to the system and they have four zones of balanced audio out for paging.

I thing they have a less expensive one zone version.