Paging to Grandstream no longer works properly

Somone modified the page function, and the GXP-2000 Phones do not work properly anymore while paging. I have provided a temp fix untill this is sorted out. :shock:

If you add the following in extensions_custom.conf, then when you dial 7243 or “PAGE” on your phone you will get a 2 way page on the SIP extensions as entered below.
(You will need to change the SIP extensions entered below, to the ones you want to use for paging. )
If you want one way paging to many phones dial 7241 or “PAG1”.
For simplicity, I assigned one of the programable buttons on all of my Grandstream GXP-2000’s to dial 7243. :lol:


exten => 7243,1,SIPAddHeader(Call-Info: answer-after=0)
exten => 7243,2,Page(SIP/6331&SIP/5481&SIP/3361&SIP/6271&SIP/2741&SIP/7461&SIP/8431|d)
exten => 7243,3, Hangup

exten => 7241,1,SIPAddHeader(Call-Info: answer-after=0)
exten => 7241,2,Page(SIP/6331&SIP/5481&SIP/3361&SIP/6271&SIP/2741&SIP/7461&SIP/8431|)
exten => 7241,3, Hangup

I thought I was the only one with paging problems after the upgrade. I see that I am not.
Thanks for the fix

how exactly do i use this? im getting an error when i set a paging group via FPBX saying that this isnt a valid conference number. Anyone got any ideas?

you issue has nothing to do with this thread. You are getting that error because you don’t have ztdummy running and no alternative timing sources available. Check your zaptel service to make sure it loads ztdummy at boot.