Paging Pro record announcement and call external phones to play it back?

Hello all,

We are looking for a way to do something that seems very close to what the Paging Pro module can do but not quite.

The desired functionality is to have an emergency alert number where someone would call this to make an emergency announcement. They would speak after the beep and record the emergency announcement. The PBX would then call a group of five cell phones and play back the message. It the fact that the phones are external phones and not internal extension phones that is the complicating factor, otherwise it looks from the docs that Paging Pro would do exactly what we want. It appears paging groups have to be internal extensions.

Maybe I could work around that by creating new custom device internal extensions on new dedicated internal extension numbers that just place a direct call to the external cell number through a SIP dial string. I’m not sure if that would work with paging as these would certainly not be intercom-capable SIP extensions in the usual way a desk phone would be.

But if there is a clean way to do this with Paging Pro, it would be great if someone could confirm that before we buy it.

Tim Miller Dyck

No Paging Pro can only page phones with auto answer. What you want is more like VM Notify module.

I appreciate the lead on where to go for that.