Paging Pro Question

I have a question about Paging pro. I’d like to set it up so that when an external user dials a specific phone number, a group of external extensions are dialed. IE if someone dials 555-5555 that comes into freepbx and routes to a paging group which in turn dials a list of external numbers. I’d like to know if this is possible before I purchase the module

With Page Pro, you can set up outbound notifications by linking a page group to an outbound route. If a call is placed using that outbound route, the phones in the page group will be paged with an announcement of the extension number that made the call, and the number that was dialed. The phones in the page group will then be injected into the call, initially in a muted state, but with the option to press *1 to unmute themselves.

You could do that with a Ring Group, unrelated to paging. But you haven’t told us whether you want these extensions to auto-answer, or what you want to happen when they are automatically or manually answered.

I was looking for the functional quoted from the Page Pro module… I want all numbers in the paging group to be dialed and bridged into the conversation. Ideally, everyone could talk (like an on-demand reverse conference) but I’ll take what I can get at this point.

The use-case is a emergency notification list. We want to be able to dial-in from an external number and have the system dial 10-15 people and bridge them all into a call.

Sounds like a 10-15 “call.file” 's thingy, but be careful to stay compliant with current regulations. (There are at least n posts here covering such compliance.)

I believe that an Inbound Route can go directly to Paging and Intercom -> (your page group).

I purchased the Pager Pro module. I setup a paging group to go to an extension. On that extension, I setup a find me/follow me number to go to my cell phone. Then i setup an inbound route to go to the pager pro module and my pager group. When I dial it, it doesn’t seem to do anything. From debug, it doesn’t even attempt to dial anything.

That’s Paging Pro, as in overhead and under-chin phone based auto-answer paging. Pager Pro would be something to do with pagers, which I’m pretty certain isn’t supported.

Show us.

It would be a really strange application to send an overhead page to a cell phone. I can’t see a use-case for that at all. Also, I’m not sure you can FMFM a page (especially a multi-cast page) to another device. It would surprise if it worked the way you describe.

I don’t want the multicast page, I wanted the ability to bridge all of the called / paged devices into a conference. I was led to believe that pager pro would do that. I guess not.

It’s a commercial module - you can request “warranty” support from Sangoma. There are also some use cases that are simply not supported.

Your “virtual command center” is not something that lots of people use. @dicko 's suggestion of firing off a series of call files that bridge your callers into a local conference sounded like a simple solution. Using a “system()” call fire off a job, or writing a job that otherwise launches a series of call files is simple enough, and (if you do that) would following CF and FMFM (to the extent possible).

You’re not the first person to ask for something like this, but I can count the number of times it’s come up on my thumbs, so your exploration might be a solitary quest. If you do end up with something that works, documenting it here wouldn’t be a bad plan.

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