Paging Pro question

I’m sorry if this isn’t the correct place to ask this question - I have tried contacting them directly but for a week I have not received any response.

I need my intercoms/ over head paging to hop network subnets. On other software I change the TTL value - am I able to do this with the paging pro module? I need the multicast stream to travel between subnets, not just the local subnet that the phone server is on.

I like the ability to record the page and deliver it after you hang up - this would eliminate feed back and classrooms in our schools could then be used to initiate the page. I wanted to make sure this would work before we paid for the module.

Thanks for any help you can pass on.

Multicast can’t go across subnets. It only works on a local subnet that the PBX is connected to.

Is that a limitation of multicast in asterisk?

So I was able to use ipTables to set the TTL value of my multicast packets - this allowed the multicast packets to travel across subnets and routers.

iptables -t mangle -A OUTPUT -d (multicast IP Address) -j TTL --ttl-set 64