Paging Pro cron job missing

I’m using Paging Pro to play bells for a school with a Google calendar. I can see the events on the Google calendar just fine - and this has all been working for a long time. It stopped working yesterday, or that’s when they noticed it after the weekend.

Here’s what I did, but you can see there is no cron job. Suggestions?

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the module.

That scares me, TBH. The Paging Pro configuration on this server is extensive. I’m hoping there is a solution that wouldn’t involve manually rebuilding all those paging groups. I may have to do it, but I’m gonna hold out a little while longer for some other suggestions before I try it.

I don’t know that it would wipe the configs, perse, but you could always try on another server to test. Another option might be to go into a working server, find the missing cron and recreate it on your broken on.

I tested on another server. Uninstalling and then Installing Paging Pro deleted everything in the Paging Pro module; it was all lost. So I tried backing up Paging Pro first, uninstalling, installing, and restoring. Everthing except the multicast addresses was restored. I can manually add the multicast addresses back once I ensure they’re fully documented. Just hope it works to fix the cron job problem. Even if it does, it feels like I’ll be treating the symptoms rather than the problem. (BTW, I DO appreciate the help)

If it is truly a vanilla install (nothing custom), you could file a bug report to get Sangoma to look at it. If you have support, you could engage them that way too. It’s highly unlikely anyone on the forum anyone is going to be able to help you diagnose and repair (fix the root, vs treats the symptom, as you state) a commercial module.

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