Paging Pro / Caller ID

We currently have the Paging Pro module working to send out pages to a multicast IP address. We are doing this because we have 80 handsets, which from my research is too many to do unicast paging with.

However, the “Caller ID” on the phone’s display is the multicast address. Is there any way we can get it to be the Friendly Name of the extension making the page? Ideally with "Page: " appended to the front?

Yealink SIP-T48S phones.

The problem here is it’s not a ext making the page but Asterisk doing it. Your phone would have to support a way of sending the caller ID with multicast and Asterisk would need to send that.

From your reply, I’m guessing that to your knowledge Asterisk multicast paging currently does not support anything like this?

I realize that Asterisk development/requests are out of the hands of FreePBX developers.


The receiving phone would have to support CID from a multicast address as well.

Have you checked the /var/log/asterisk/full logfile to see if the Caller ID is getting set in the process being used right now? You might find that it isn’t getting set at all, in which case the multicast address would make sense. If it is getting set to something less cumbersome than the MIP address, and the phone is ignoring it, then that would also provide another data point.

I’d be surprised to find out that the system isn’t setting the CID on the multicast call to something ‘friendly’, but the logs will validate that theory straight away.

I am not sure. It would take looking at things but also does your phone support this? I know we had to do some fancy things outside the normal multicast support with Sangoma phones so show the extension that was making the call when it did not inlcided asterisk in the mix as their was no standard from what I recall in multicast to set this. But this was a few years ago and my memory can be fuzzy at times.

I know exactly what you mean.

I’m heading over to Yealink’s forums to ask about what their phones actually support. But I don’t think they currently support anything like that. I programmed a DSS key to be a multicast page, so the multicast packets originate directly from the phone instead of from the Asterisk server and the receiving phone still only listed the multicast address as the sender.

By visiting the phone’s built-in admin page, I did find a setting to label a multicast address, so that way at least there is a “User Friendly” name for the page, but it doesn’t allow me to display the one who sent out the page.

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