Paging Pro 16.0.10 not repeating

We are using commercial Paging Pro to do emergency alerts. However, I have the announce count set to 3 with a 60 second recording to play. It only plays one time and then there is dead air till I hang up. Is there a setting somewhere I am missing or any idea what could be happening? I can talk on the page and that still works, it just doesn’t play the recording the second or third time.
Thank you

If you think it is a bug you can submit a bug report.
Issues · FreePBX/issue-tracker · GitHub

In the interim, does it work if you make your announcement state the message three times? So the announcement still only plays once, but you get the threepete you are looking for.

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We have Paging Pro, 16.0.10, and I just changed that setting to 3 on my test page group and it worked. I did only do a “Test 1,2,3”, though, so maybe it’s the length it doesn’t like?

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I ended up setting my system recording to have multiple replays. Then I didn’t have to worry about page pro. It is a work around. Thank you everyone.

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