Paging Phones Restarts Asterisk?

I have a page group setup to page 19 phones (below the limit) It doesn’t happen everytime but quite often an all page causes asterisk to restart and drop calls.

FreePBX13, Asterisk 13.9.1

Any ideas?

Obvious places to check:


If it’s a Asterisk problem, you might see it in the “full” log. If it’s a hardware problem, it should show up in “messages.”

Weird. I have a month or so old system that is doing this as well. It is also running asterisk 13.9.1. I wonder if there is a bug in that version?

During the page, the service just crashes and restarts. Nothing really in the log other than just the standard stuff when asterisk service restarts.

I am going to update asterisk to see if it resolves the issue.

Yes this is a bug in asterisk 13 that I believe it fixed in 13.11