Paging only works on up to two extensions

I have a simple FreePBX setup at home with only 5 extensions.

I have a couple of paging groups and was sure that the main one previously pages all extensions successfully.

Now, however, I’ve found that no matter how many extensions within a paging group, only the ones with the two lowest consecutive extension numbers will successfully page- none of the others.

For example, in a paging group with extensions 502, 504 and 505 in it, a page will only work on 502 and 504.

In another example, in a paging group with extensions 501, 502 and 503 in it, a page will only work on 501 and 502.

Is there a setting I’ve changed somewhere? How can I get my page groups to work on all extensions whiting the group?

How many contacts are registered to each of them?

If I recall, three of them (501-503) have a contact linked to them whilst 504-505 don’t.

The same three also have “follow me” enabled to an external telephone number.

What I was trying to get at is that, if you have multiple registration to a chan_pjsip endpoint, FreePBX will construct a dial string containing all of them. That could, potentially exceed the maximum dialplan line limit.

Sorry, I misunderstood.

Each extension is only logged into on one device.

Has no one experienced this or have any thoughts on why this could be happening?

The Paging Module Wiki states the following:

We do not recommend having more than 25 phones in a single page group. You can set the maximum number of phones that can be included in any page group by visiting the Advanced Settings module and changing the limit under the Max Paging Participants section.

However, there’s no such setting in the GUI for FreePBX…

I did wonder if the page originates from an internal (system) extension so have set call concurrency to “no limit” in the system settings, but the issue still persists.

@stanhamil Go to Settings, Advanced Settings, scroll down to Paging and it should be the only option there “Max Paging Participants”.

It’s a little confusing because it says the Advanced Settings module.

Otherwise I don’t have any ideas, we don’t page phones except using multicast for emergencies.

Thanks for your reply, but I don’t have any Paging options within Advanced Settings.

The only Paging options I have is within the Paging module itself.

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