Paging only sends page to handsets less than extension 154

Good evening everyone! Long time searcher here, first time poster.
I’ve discovered an odd issue with my FreePBX install. Recently only extensions below 154 will page correctly, 154 or greater will not. Looking at the Asterisk log it looks like it never places the call to the other extensions. I tried taking a handset (159) and moving it to 150 with the exact same config. It works in that scenario as extension 150. I even kept the IP and VLAN the same. As soon as any handset is 154 or greater it will fail to page. This even happens when creating a fresh extension with default settings. I have also tried setting the paging group to “force”.

As far as the handsets go, they are Polycom VVX411s. I’ve tried firmwares 6.3.1, 6.4.0, and 6.4.1. The paging seems to work no problem as long as the extension number is below 154 using the same configs. I suspect this isn’t an issue with the handsets assuming I’m understanding the log from Asterisk correctly.

I did try patching the installation with no luck. Currently it has FreePBX 15 with Asterisk 16.20. The Paging and Intercom module is on version I’ve tried rolling that back to with no luck either.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? I’ve dropped the log from asterisk into a pastebin: pastebin . com / gYQskBSe (I’m not allowed to post links yet, just take the spaces out). The log contains making a call from extension 158 to paging group 602. This group contains extensions 152, 158, and 159.

in the asterisk cli you can do

dialplan show  [email protected]
dialplan show  [email protected]

perhaps 154 is otherwise defined, does 155, 159, 160+ work?

I started looking at the output from 152 (a known working extension) and 154 (known not working). The output looks very similar. I did notice that “app-pagegroups” isn’t an included context in either (Maybe it’s not supposed to be?). The valid extensions either have 331 or 342 priorities depending on what ring groups or queues they are a part of. All the defined extensions seem to have 60 contexts. I’ve noticed it does have output for extensions that are not defined as well. Is there something I’m looking for in particular or should I just be checking to make sure it’s not wildly different? I can post the output too if that would be helpful.

Today I checked Custom Extensions, Misc Application, Misc Destinations, and the configuration editor in the extensions_custom file as well. I don’t see anything defined for our valid extensions. Just for fun I emptied the extensions_custom.conf file and reloaded to make sure it wasn’t something in there (that didn’t fix the issue).

I tried to make a few test extensions and tie them to phones. Valid extensions range from 151-169 (with a few gaps). I’ve got one at 203 right now and it doesn’t page either. The test one I made at 150 does.

share call trace via pastebin

I made a new call call same as before to page group 602 from extension 404. Here is the pastebin for the call trace:

I grabbed a screenshot of the CDR as well. What is odd is it only has a call to 152 in there.

As the linked instrctions told you to do… sign in to the command line and do this.

grep C-000000cf /var/log/asterisk/full | pastebin

post the link. is having issues between php and mysql right now (according to the error anyway). The paste into paste bin above is the same output from grep just over at pastebin. I can re-post it at the FreePBX one once it comes back up.

This is why I said that.

Okay. That’s odd.

Here is the version over on the FreePBX Pastebin:

Just wanted to leave an update on this thread since I got it working. If anyone has a similar problem in the future, you need to recreate the database at /var/lib/asterisk/astdb.sqlite3. I noticed on my system there were several lines missing at the bottom in the “/registrar/” section. To view this, open asterisk and run “database show”. To rebuild the database I did this:

  1. run this command via SSH: $ sudo fwconsole stop
  2. run this command via SSH: $ sudo rm /var/lib/asterisk/astdb.sqlite3
  3. run this command via SSH: $ sudo fwconsole start
  4. Go into the web ui and re-submit all the extensions. Simply click on them and hit submit.
  5. Hit the big red apply button in the upper right
  6. Reboot every handset to fix their BLF lights.

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