Paging on outbound Calls with AMI

Dear All,

I do have a Testinstallation at Home using FreePBX.

Doing an Outboundcall with Orginate using AsterNet is not the Problem, also doing an internal Paging is working as expected.

Now I thought by myself, and do not find an answer if it is possible to use the Paging also for outboundcalls. This means
I call the orginate action, and after the connection with the external number is etablished the internal number should be called with autoanswer mode.

Ist this possible?

Did someone have any idea?


would you do something like that?

that’s really easy. I am realy lazy, and if I will orginate a call I will not every time lift up the Phone. It’s really easy that I orginate the call and myphone will autoanswer this call, so I can talk free without having lift up the phone.

Also if a call comes in it will be nice taht you say pickup the call and the phone will do an autoanswer.