Paging, music, and whisper


I have a very specific situation and I am hoping someone here can offer advice.

I recently set up FreePBX in a pharmacy. They have some ceiling mount SIP speakers (Valcom VIP-120A) for playing music and paging on the floor. They also have several phones (Cisco SPA508G) around the store.

They would like the music to play all day long out of the overhead speakers and be interrupted with pages when necessary. Since the music is being sent over a SIP channel, I found the best way to do this was to use the “whisper” function of the paging system to play pages over the music (I have adjusted the levels in advance so that pages are always louder than the music).

The phones are also part of the paging group. This is especially important in areas of the store not covered by the overhead speakers (administrative offices, for example)

So far everything is ok and works properly. Here is the problem:

If someone is on a call, they will hear the whisper page over their live conversation and they do not want this. Since the “whisper” feature needs to be activated to hear the page from the overhead speakers, is there any way to disable that function on the phone itself so that it only receives pages when not in an active call?

Or alternatively, is there a better way to set up the speakers so that I don’t need to use “whisper” to share the speaker between music and paging?

Thanks very much!