Paging Group rings softphones

We have users with a desk phone (Yealink) , Sangoma Connect and Zulu all with the same pjsip extension. Ex : extension 201 with multiple contacts possible. Now we have a paging group (301) which includes extension 201. When we page the Yealink phone accepts the page. No problem here. However Sangoma Connect rings once and shows a missed call. Zulu does not ring but shows two missed calls for “unknown”.

I get that the softphone needs to activate auto answer to accept paging and some don’t support it. The things is we don’t want to receive paging on Sangoma Connect or Zulu or other softphones.

I noticed the Multicast option in Paging Pro might be a solution but this particular PBX has multiple sites and some with an unmanaged network so they are not going over a VPN. This won’t be possible.

Any ideas here to not have Sangoma Connect and Zulu included in the paging group but keep the deskphone ?

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