Paging group is paging all phones even though I have only a few selected for the group

Not sure how to remedy this, but the page/intercom group we have has certain phones selected to be included in the page. But all phones are being paged when the intercom is used. Any ideas what could be causing this?

I am new to freePBX as the guy who set up our system is no longer with the company. So I am a newbie to FreePBX, but I am a programmer and a tech so I think I can pick it up fairly quickly with a bit of help.

I have gone into Applications - Paging and Intercoms - edited the page group and made sure only the phones I want included are selected. Submitted the changes (although the extensions were already set the way I wanted them) and clicked Apply Config. Yet still the phones I don’t want in the group are getting paged.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Running FreePBX


Have you tried to remove all phones. And just try 1 phone?

If I remove all phones except for one, it still pages all the phones in the building. Either the paging group is broken or it is not using the paging group at all. How can I find out what pressing the button for paging is really sending to freepbx?


At the command line run asterisk -rvvv

Also try to remove the group and re run