Paging group / intercom issues on Mitel 5224 phones

On FreePBX, I have a paging group (Extension 111) with several extensions (200, 201, 202) in the group. The extension are set to automatically answer for internal intercom. These are Mitel 5224 IP phones.

The problem I have is when I dial the paging group (111), the dialing phone rings and automatically answers the intercom, just like every phone in the group, and my “sending” intercom call to 111 is put on hold.

So to use the intercom, I dial 111, wait for my phone to answer the call from the paging group, hang up on that call, and pick up the initial call to 111 that was automatically placed on hold. Then I can speak, and all the other extensions in the group can hear.

This has only been an issue since I recently started using a new FreePBX server. The old workflow was to simply dial 111 and speak. Something is causing the sending phone to now automatically answer the intercom call, which adds another step to the process.

I hope this makes sense. Has anybody seen this before?

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