Paging Delay

Hi There.

I have an issue with the FreePBX Paging abilities. Maybe someone else has seen this and is willing to offer some guidance…

I have a customer with 9 offices globally.

There are running fully hosted of FreePBX from a central location.

I have a paging group that includes members from multiple office.

For clarity, lets say the target phones of the page group are on the East Coast (New York), central and West Coast (San Fran…).
The user doing the paging is in San Francisco and wishes to page the teams in SanFran and New York…

They dial the paging extension (say 8500). The BLF Panels show the various devices answering but, the user speaks into the phone and hear’s there page locally. The Users in New York don’t hear the page. By the time the user making the page finishes and hangs up, the phones in New York have not all answered yet. All they hear is ‘click’ when the pager hangs up.

Is there a way, perhaps with the Paging Pro module to send a page in such a way so that every device in the page group actually gets the message ? Maybe the Valet mode will do this?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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