Paging call gets busy, Snom 300 phones

Restating problem. I have FreePBX 13.0.190 and am using Snom 300 phones. Intercom to single phone works OK, now. When I dial *80100 I get the busy signal and message on display.

Can somebody walk me through the settings in FreePBX for paging to work?

I do have a page group 100 set up, and it is set to page all.

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OK, there’s an “enable intercom” setting in the phone’s GUI settings, Setup / Advanced / Behavior tab that needs to be on. Pretty well hidden. This makes hands-free intercom work to a single station. *80100 paging still gets busy, though. But, this is progress.

Anybody know how to set the paging to work?



i have not used snom phones in many years. but what i have learned about paging in most environments is that unless you are paging only a handful of phones you are much better off using multicasting on the phones. the pbx paging works fine, but it has to call each phone and wait for the phone to answer. so if you are paging 30 phones, that unleases 30 calls. multicasting does not involve the pbx as it is done from the phone. for most phones you can setup multicasting in the epm

This is a SOHO situation, we only have 4 phones installed right now. Hmmm, maybe that suggests something, however! I have a 5th phone in the setup, but it is not actually plugged in to the net.
I’ll take it out of the device list and see if that makes it work.

Update: Nope, that didn’t fix it.

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i have run as many as 40 phones in one paging group so i know that the paging feature works, but i find that multicasting is quicker and uses a lot fewer resources.

is your pbx and phones on the same network or is the pbx in the cloud?

This is all local. I have a 10/100 POE switch with just the phones and FreePBX computer on it, then one Ethernet port goes over to our other switch for general internal network. The FreePBX system is not on the WAN, only connected via NAT. The “trunks” are a pair of analog lines through an FXO card.

Not sure any of the above matters, just being complete. So, I found a setting in the phones that needed to be on, and so now individual intercom works. Now, the crazy thing is that once I tried to edit the paging group, it was erased, and I can’t put it back! Every time I add a paging group, and submit and apply, it goes away.

I’m a newbie, and totally stumped.