Paging and Intercom - zaptel problem?

We have a standard install freepbx 2.2.2 running on an asterisk 1.2.2 on Fedora 7. I want to setup paging and intercom. I set up a paging group 1111 and select the extensions i want to be included on it. When i then dial 1111 from my phone all the other phones ring but mine says ‘that is not a valid conference number’

After searching this and other forums i have come to the conclusion that it is a problem with zaptel and ztdummy, im using an AVM B1 ISDN card. I have tried re compiling zaptel which seems to work but then it doesnt seem to exist because i cant stop and start it (via CLI /etc/init.d/zaptel stop). I seem to be closing it down but still need more help!! thanks

Also zaptel is latest version

Fixed this by going to /usr/src/zaptel

and running make config

rebooted and it worked