Paging and Intercom with Valcom

Hi Everyone,

I am attempting to setup an paging/intercom that goes to a Valcom intercom system for school bells.

I will say the Valcom system works great when dialing its extension and pressing 0, on a phone.

But in order for Paging and Intercom it to go through the Valcom, with schedules, I have to add a 0 to the end automatically. (ex. At 7:50am Paging/Intercom calls the valcom extension 1999 waits second then dials 0. Then bell sound goes through the valcom intercom system.)

I’ve tried searching for way to append number when dialing an extension to no luck. It might be able to do it without waiting, but I would have to test it out. Baby steps.

I’m fairly new to FreePBX so if I need to do some conf editing, I would defiantly need help. :]

Thanks everyone!

custom context…

maybe in the extension under advanced

each w is a 500ms pause

THIS IS 100% a guess and may or may not woek

Another approach might be to set up a callfile. and have it do the “dial zero” for you. Call files are extremely powerful and can also handle your “scheduling” of events for you (by setting the create time on the file in the future).

zillion08, don’t really know your setup, but for what its worth, i also am using a valcom 204a and the paging pro module. i do not have to dial a 0, not sure why you do.

I use a cisco spa112 direct connect to a valcom 1020c . I also use the paid-for Paging and Intercom module for the bell tones … registor the spa112 as an extension and select it in Paging and Intercom, In spa112 > voice>line X> set SAS to enable.You need the get the tip-ring output below 600 ohm of it to work (off hook). with Valcom Horns(V1030c) I use a TY-146p transformer… To connect
Direct to a speaker I use a SnomPA1 it has a 4 watt output