Paging and intercom / Speakerphone

Using FreePBX

Most of our phones are Digium.
D40s / D50s / D70s

I want to set up a feature code or extension the receptionist call dial, and certain phones will auto-answer and hear the page on speakerphone.

So I created a new paging group and it kinda works.
The problem I’m having is that the page will play in the headset, and not on the speakerphone, therefore it’s not really relevant.

How can I fix this please?

how are you configuring the phones? we have a site with 20+ D40’s that use paging all the time.

Not sure what you mean but i’m using DPMA and I configure all my phones using the FreePBX interface under:
Connectivity > Digium Phones
(with easy mode turned off)

Does this answer the question?

so… no one??

Any help would be appreciated!!

I’d put in a ticket, now that you’ve asked here. This sounds like a specialized setup and you may need some tech support from read tech support.

I find it strange that the headset is the destination when you want the speaker on the phone to answer, but it might be a design decision that they made to pair those two up. From the resounding lack of suggestions, I’m going to guess that most people here aren’t using the phones the way you are.

I’ve done similar things with different endpoints. I do recall having a similar issue. What I had to do, as we had different branded endpoints, was play with settings on the endpoints themselves to pickup intercom type calls on the speaker rather than the headset. Each time it was something like “intercom” or “auto answer” in the web GUI settings for the endpoints.

What do you mean to “put a ticket” please?

In the top banner for the forums, there’s an option called “Issues”. Log in there and put in a trouble ticket.

So I created a trouble ticket and one month later I got this answer:

This is unfortunately a handset (the device) issue. We have no way to tell the phone to use the speaker. We merely send an auto-answer alert info to the phone.

So I’m back here, hoping the community might want to help a n00b :wink:

In their defense, this isn’t really a FreePBX question - it’s a Digium question since they are Digium phones.

There is lots of information on using Paging. For example, have you started with setting up the Paging module?

Your phones will respond to the “auto-answer” information that you send to the phone (which is specific to the model you are using).

I’m sure there’s a Wiki somewhere that should be able to help you. If nothing else, try contacting @bksales using PM and see what he did. I can’t imagine it was that challenging - lots of people are setting these up without a lot of one-on-one assistance.

I don’t use Digium phones for this, so I can’t help you more than “They’re out there…” (cue spooky music)

@Nucleus did you ever get this working? The Digium phones built in “intercom” feature seems to be disabled if you use DPMA and if I setup a paging group using the intercom and paging module, then dial the paging extension I’ve just created, the Digium phones ring, but they don’t auto answer, and the ringing is auto cut-off after two rings.@edisoninfo, @ashcortech and @awolf13 seem to be having the same issue, @malcolmd said it isn’t an issue. But it clearly is!!

I have a couple of other questions, too, not sure whether to post them here?!

  1. I’m still struggling to get logo upload working using DPMA. Apparently that was working but has recently (last few weeks) been broken. I’ve tried downgrading the Asterisk Digium Phones Module to the previous version but that hasn’t helped, so I was wondering about downgrading the FreePBX Digium Phones Module - but I don’t know how.
  2. I’ve got hold of the 2.8.4 beta D50 firmware and I was going to give that a try uploading that to the phones to see if that would fix the issue? I can see based on another @malcolmd post that I should be able to login to the phone’s IP GUI and selectively upload firmware, but that doesn’t seem to work for me, I just get a 404 error.
  3. I don’t know how I can set the rapid dial keys using DPMA. Apparently this is what the Phone Book part of the DPMA menu is for? But I can’t see that any of the entries I make ever show up on the sidecar of my D50?? I’m kind of wondering based on this post if it’s broken in DPMA
  4. With DPMA, I can’t see how to get the phones to use the correct timezone

So many questions!

Nope I’ve never got this working but I wish I did!

I’ve now got both the Intercom module, AND the Digium softkey “intercom” button working but not with the ‘Find Me/Follow Me’. Then it doesn’t work. Let me know if you want me to post my configs or what I did.

We’ve been over why this doesn’t work.

Also the “did you get this to work?” and “do you want my configs?” on a three year old question is kind of pointless. Is it still relevant now? As in, is the OP still running FreePBX v12 ? Which version of Asterisk is it running? Since it’s v12 that means 10/11/12 of Asterisk.

Also in May 2016, FreePBX v13 (along with Asterisk 13) was the main focus with v12 being retired. So even then the answer might have been to upgrade to a more current version of FreePBX.

FreePBX v14 on SNG7 is nothing like FreePBX v12 on CentOS 5. There’s been a complete overhaul of FreePBX between 12 and 14 (even 12 and 13). Numerous updates have been done, bugs fixed, new features released that may have deprecated old features.

Also, if you read this tread almost no real debugging or troubleshooting was done. The last reply was the OP being told that they should look at Digum’s stuff for answers and to message someone who seemed to know Digium stuff well. Not sure any of that was done.

I’m not sure why 2019 has seen a trend of people reviving 2-3+ year old posts over an issue that is 90% likely to not even apply to current deployments because, updates, version changes and all that. A FreePBX system setup in 2015 will not be the same as a FreePBX system setup in 2019.

Err, have we?! :slight_smile: I’ve replied in the other thread. I hadn’t spotted I owed you a reply. Sorry about that.