Paged channels don't hang up when caller hangs up during announcement

I am calling a page group, but when the calling party hangs up while the page group announcement is still playing, the called parties don’t.
The channels stays active until the person on the called end hangs up.

Is that a bug?

SNG7, Asterisk 13

To elaborate on this, when the page is preceded by an announcement, and the caller of the page group hangs up while the announcement is still playing, the called parties’ channels stay active.
The announcement keeps on playing and the channels don’t hang up.

If the calling party hangs up after the announcement, all channels hang up.

How long is your announcement in seconds?

I tried several, the shortest 10 seconds.

There was a report of this a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know if a ticket was ever submitted - I’m going to guess that Andrew is on the case, there’s some prior art going there.

I opened a bug report on this:

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