Page Pro Problems. Atlas Paging system & FreePBX

Hello Everyone.
So let me try to explain this non sense, please bare with me.
We have an Atlas Paging System, that is triggered via a Sip Trunk. The Atlas system is what controls our bells and hallway and loud speakers.
Then we use page pro thru FreePBX to page the phones and activate a sip trunk to activate the Atlas system.
There are 5 different trunks for five different areas that need to be paged. Now there is a district trunk which activates the whole system and it works fine, (other than the fact that when you dial it, it says the extension that is sending out the page. Do you know how to get rid of that)
But the other 4 trunks turn on, but dont activate the phones speakers and all you hear is the last 2 seconds of the page.
I know this sounds like a lot of jibberish, but not a good way to describe this system. Any thoughts on what to try to even diagnose why the district page works like it should, but nothing else does.

I recreated the “High School” paging group. When you dial it, it activates the Atlas paging speakers and 10 seconds later you hear the beep on the headset that indicates you that you can start talking. But it still does not activate the phones. Any thoughts?

a couple of thoughts

  1. look at the log file - what does it show is happening. you should see it not only dialing the atlas system but also dialing the phones. if you have a large number of phones that can take quite some time.
  2. multi casting is a better option for the phones - you don’t have to dial each phone and wait for it to answer. i guess the question is whether your atlas system will handle multi casting
  3. we have been using a product called bell commander for the schools we have done. it might be worth a look see.
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Class of Service.
I had forgotten that I use class of service to decide which extension uses which phone lines. COS was blocking my phones from using the paging system. All is well and fixed now.

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