Page/Make Announcement to all phones

Is there any way to dial a code and then make an announcement over the speaker of all of the phones connected to the system? I tried using the paging feature, but it said that is not a valid conference code. Any suggestions?

install and properly configure the paging feature and it will do exactly what you are asking assuming that your phones support auto answer.

Paging is already installed on my system, I said that in my first post. It says invalid conference code whenever I try to page. The phones pickup, and then it says the message then the phones hang up.

rossiv, the lack of details is a big part of the issue to start. How about exact version of asterisk, FreePBX, if you are using a distro which, etc? Phones you are using?

Did you create the paging group to start? Are the phones configured for auto answer? To get where you want which is the magic answer we can sit here and throw question after question at you to start and we’ll both get fustrated before you get your answer. So posting a two sentence request with no real valid details will get you about the same thing in return.

Please remember that people are help to help but to do that they need to know about your setup in detail, what you have done so far, etc. If you look at the posts that get answered quickly they provide details to start.

We are not mind readers… You know your setup and what you have already done but we don’t…

CentOS 5.2 (Final)
Paging and Intercom
(2) Grandstream Budgetone 200 w/ auto answer enabled

When I use the *80 function and then the extension it works just fine.
If I dial my Page group (Feature Code/Paging Extension 819), I get this is not a valid conference number. Please try again. It comes up the second phone (Pagee) , auto answered and the first (Paging from) one as it normally would.

you have not timing source, conferencing won’t work either. Install ztdummy or a zap card of some sort. Paging uses meetme under it which requires a timing source. Intercom to a single phone does not.

How can I get a ztdummy? What is timing source? What is meetme?

features like conferencing (meetme) require a timing source. That is usually provided by telephony card drivers but if your system does not have any installed then you need to provide a software substitute. That is what ztdummy is and is part of the zaptel framework. (or the DAHDI equivalent if you are using newer code or the AsteriskNOW ISO - although if the latter, it should already be installed).

Again I ask how to get ZTDummy? If it is in the zaptel framework, how do I use it or activate it? Could you be more specific please? Thanks!


If this is a distro then you can just load the zaptel rpm from your distro provider. If not you’ll need to download the zaptel source and compile it.

Thanks everyone! I just ran genzaptelconf in the command line of FreePBX/PIAF. It activated ztdummy. Thanks!