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I often use a Snom PA1 to interface a customer’s paging system to Freepbx. I program a BLF or Speeddial key on their Yealink phone to easily page. Often I will have customers transfer callers to the paging system. My last install, has 2 paging units and they constantly page to one, then without hanging up, press the 2nd paging DSS, transferring that 1st Snom, to the 2nd Snom busying them both out.

Is there a way to stop an extension or DSS key from being transferred to via DSS. I need the “Transfer via DSS” feature for the actual extensions. Just want to disable the feature for the paging system.

I tried adding this:


but since that is only at the pbx level, it doesn’t stop yealink transfers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I was going to suggest changing the button to Speeddial instead of BLF, but then realized that won’t do you any good as this is just default phone behavior. Since the PA1 is approached as an extension from the pbx side, there’s nothing you can do.

Maybe it’s time for a stern talking to? :slight_smile: I always tell my users I can build/program anything for them, unless they don’t do what their supposed to do. I cannot program user-behavior. There’s no AI involved, the PBX doesn’t -know- what you’re thinking or want to happen. (Read: you can’t fix stupid)

Alternatively, remove the buttons. Have them dial the separate extensions. That will force them to hang up first. To be nice you could make them ‘easy’ extensions like 999 and 998 or sth :wink:

This is what I ended up on.

205 was the previous phone systems paging system because it was in a remote building with remote phones, at the time there were no (at least that I knew of) remote paging amps for digital phone systems so I just broke open a remote phone and connected the speaker wires to the paging input. They dial 205, it auto answers, and pages… May have been janky, but it worked well for me :upside_down_face:

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