P3xx Sets Horizontal Soft Keys - Forward

Think I already know the answer to this but asking anyway.

The Horizontal Soft Key Forward is there any way for that to be configured to do the forwarding on the server side i.e. *96 vs being phone-based? We have some extensions that have multiple appearances and using the forward button only forwards the one set vs all appearances. Or even worse occasionally users will forward the call to different locations on different sets

Nay. At present, the sole function of that key is to call into the foreground the locally-driven/configured Call Forwarding application. Any other functionality would be a new development effort.
One could remove that soft key from the keymap and the app from the app menu and map *96 to a contact that they then load onto one of the BLF keys, but I’m not sure how easy that’d be to accomplish inside the construct of EPM.

@lgaetz is out this week at AstriCon, but it might be food for future feature ideas for him…

The Follow Me app on the phone will do what you’re looking for, with a slight increase in config complexity.

unfortunately, most of the basic users have P315’s so not a lot of options for keys to program BLF to

Thanks, Lorne, will take a look and see what I can come up with.

PS - Once things calm down from AstriCon give me a shout we’re overdue for lunch my turn to buy

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