P370 + PM200 Transfer

We have a P370 and added a PM200 expansion module.

When using the Transfer feature on the P370 phone, I expected to be able to press one of the PM200 buttons to transfer them to that BLF or speed dial #, but it does not work.

Is there a setting to allow this to work or is it not possible at this time/ever?

are you up to date on fw ?

i just moved my pm200 to my 370 , I made an inbound call to the 370 , answered it and completed a transfer via the blf

im on 4_13_5

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The phone is on 4_13_5 (I confirmed on the phone itself) and the PM200 should be also on 4_13_5 based on the Firmware Slot 1.

Is there a way I can check the actual firmware on the PM200?

Restarting the phones multiple times did not fix it.

There was no issue with the phones, only with not realizing you had to press the Complete Transfer on the UI.

Thank you Chris for the video tutorial.

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