P370 FW Update - Cut Off Home Screen

Is there a way to toggle on/off or remove this new (Follow Me) button that has showed up on the Home screen during the latest FW update to 4_16_2???

All of our deployed P370’s with custom client based home screen wallpapers are now all cut off after updating to this latest firmware by the addition of this single button. Layout looks terrible now with this single button creating a whole new line and pushing everything up which has now cut off the clients logo on their custom wallpaper.

Did the same thing to our phones at our office (see below) This is super annoying and the layout looks terrible now with taking up all that space for 1 button.

Maybe Admin → User Management → Groups → “group users belong to” → Phone Apps move the Follow me app over to inactive?


I did that, then went to phone template in EPM, Save, Rebuild and Update nothing and did a phone reboot. Still there…

I got nothing else. Sorry.

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I have a P370 too, same firmware. Follow me is activated. Don’t see this button. How did you activate it? Actually, this would be a good thing, when the drawer goes up for new buttons…I once asked for BLF buttons to be placed there.

I didnt activate it. All I did was upgrade my firmware to latest firmware via Firmware Mgmt in EPM and after the update thats how my screen looked and that new button was there…

I think it would actually be nice if only the 1st line showed like it did before the update and you could say swipe up from the bottom to expand the menu to how it looks now… And could arrange the icons the way you wanted…

Do you know…does the digium_default template get upgraded with new features, when I already use it? maybe I have an old template?!

Well…the best solution would be configuration settings in EPM. So someone should be able to define the menu buttons. My personal preference would be an option like “place BLF buttons on menu drawer on the bottom”. The “swipe up” feature would be great, but it should also be possible to make it a fixed drawer. There is so much unused space on the screen.
Of course you can use the space for your logo :wink:

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I dont use the Digium Default template. I have a seperate template I created specifically for P370’s… Not sure if something is different in my template vs the default…

one more thing…my P370 uses http not https…maybe this is the reason, why I dont see the follow-me button. Yet, everything (I use) works…except for the EPM update configuration button. I have to restart the phone to load the new configuration. I hate certificates…so I dont use them :wink:

Interesting… I could never get phone apps to work on the P370 without HTTPS… When my LE Cert expires (another issue we are dealing with in another thread about LE certs not auto updating anymore on TONS of deployments) my phone apps on my P370’s stop working…

P370 EPM update configuration button has NEVER worked for me. Always have to Save,Rebuild, Update button then force reboot phone…

Call log and visual voicemail work. I dont use queues. But you may be right. There are lots of warnings :wink:
So this seems to be the reason, why I dont see the follow-me button.

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The two lines drawer seems to be the standard for the P370. Check the image on the Sangoma website

Having the ability to re-arrange icons/apps in the order we want and the ability to make the 2 lines fixed or single line with the bottom line collapsed that we can swipe up on would be great.

I do notice some cool new features in this latest firmware. Black standby screen where it shows the time now has a VM icon with a number showing the number of new VM’s is a nice touch…

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The 4_18 firmware release (4_18_1 presently) adds a new application launcher button to the appscreen there. When a phone has more icons than space, you’ll see a button that’ll take you to an apps launching screen. Static for now and not arrangeable, but it keeps us from expanding to a second row of apps.

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