P370 Call Forwarding

I just deployed a few new P370s. Is there no call forward app? I have users using *72/73 or the UCP at this point but they were used to the easy button on the S series. Running firmware 4_10_2

Maybe there’s a 3rd party app to add?


Hi rcr, welcome to the forum!

CF app on the P370 is in the backlog, I don’t have an ETA for you at the moment. The work around until it’s added to the firmware is to use the feature codes as you’re already doing.

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Hi @Lorne, is this going to be a Phone App, BLF enabled/disabled if desired, for all P-Series and can we anticipate it being available within the next 6-12 months? You may have see a previous post where I mention Call Forward not being at server level, instead requiring the phone to be online to work. I don’t know if this affects the P370 as (from what I can gather) there is no Call Forward button at all. Thanks.

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