P370 4_13_1 background broke

I just updated my P370 to 4_13_1 via EPM and now my corporate background image is gone. Been working great up until this update a few minutes ago. Yes, my image still shows in my template…

@mdavenport any response to this?? Background image on my P370 has been working great until I updated to 4_13_1… After that update, background image disappeared and background is just black… I did update to 4_13_3 yesterday and background image is still black…

Any update on this ??? I can confirm my same background image that was working up until 4_13_1 is still in my P370 template…

We’ve done a few things to modify the display of the background image with respect to the applications bar, but those shouldn’t impact the display of the image itself. I’ve had the same background image loading on my phone through many firmware updates and downgrades since we added in support for that in 4_11_1, through regular public releases, and internal builds. It’s continued to work.

Here’s my phone with 4_13_3, right now:

The correct syntax for the image is something like:

<setting id="logo_file" value="user" path="/user_image.png" url="http://server.example.com/path/image.png" md5="1ea9ae405c70fad94afe11d03ef9bdfc" />

png files, 800x1280 pixels.
Something’s off-nominal for you, I don’t know what it could be.

you can DM me your image, if you like.

Its been working great until I upgraded to 4_13_1. Upon reboot from the update, screen was black. I just looked at my image… My image is a JPG… Weird it worked all this time than stopped working on 4_13_1 but I just converted it to PNG, uploaded the PNG and applied it to my template.

Image is now working after converting it to a PNG…Thank you for the help!

yay :slight_smile:

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