P330 Phone - Queues App Not Working

Hi There,

I’m currently overseeing the transition of our company over to a FreePBX system and we’re thrilled with the experience so far. Lot’s of awesome features and functionality.

One area that I’ve struggled with the past few days with the new P-series phones is getting the Queues app to work properly. I specifically have a P330 and all the other applications are working fine (voicemail, contacts, forwarding, etc…) but when I go into the queues app I see my two queues (support and sales) but under Status it report Not Member. I know I am a member of these queues as I am able to interact with them just fine in the desktop softphone and it works fine. I can even log in and out using a BLF key on the P330 but the queues app still shows me as “Not Member”.

I switched over to an older S705 phone and the queues work fine. My hunch is something is different between the XML-API Apps versus the DPMA apps but I’m not sure? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

PS - This is running in Digital Ocean and I am using a FQDN with https configured properly for the phones.


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