P330 not registering

I have a fresh P330 I’m trying to configure with Zero Touch. I have everything setup per Provisioning P-Series Phones With FreePBX/PBXact - Phones - Documentation

The issue I’m having is it will download the configuration file, provision the phone, load the bg image but then proceeds to ban the IP in intrusion detection after 44 failed logon attempts, 22 attempts, etc.

I’m sure its something stupid I’m missing.

Possibly the configuration file that’s generated and the phone is downloading doesn’t have the correct credentials?

Can you go under Settings => EndPoint Manager => three line menu on the right side => Extension mapping and make sure that the extension mappings are green and not yellow?

If they are yellow select them all and run the Save and Rebuild configs button. Once they are all green restart the phone and see if it’ll work.

Thank you for the reply, they are all green. I have even tried changing the password and updating. I did make a legacy Sip extension and it connected right away but have no audio.

We have quite a few S500, S505 and S705’s in play with this customer and no issues with them.

You could try whitelisting the IP range that these phones are connecting from in Intrusion detection to see if that works at stopping the IPs from being banned.

The subnet itself is whitelisted which is why I’m confused as to why its blocking it. But then again 66 attempt is a lot of tries to unsuccessfully register.

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