P330 Firmware update displays no data

We use Sangoma P330 endpoints. Recently pushed the 1.54 firmware update. When the phones downloaded and installed the new firmware, it displayed a white box in the center of the phone display with “No Data” in the center. Usually the time and date is displayed in large text in this area.

Now I reverted to 1.53 to remove the issue. But was wondering if this issue was something known, if its for a photo, or something I can do to fix it besides reverting to an older firmware.

I’ve been using 4_9_2 on my P330 since it was published to EPM a week or so ago without seeing this or any other issues. Once the phone is doing this again, open a support ticket so they can get a dump from the phone to analyze.

edit - after conferring with engineering, they are able to repro this under certain circumstances. A fix will require an update to EPM which is underway now.

1.54? 1.53 still shows P330 4.8.2 as current. You can manually download 4.9.2 but the phone gui is disabled and moving to the 0.00 doesn’t work for me

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