P330 call history missing

I’ve got a remote user with a P330 on firmware 4.9.3 and their call history is just blank. Not sure how to even troubleshoot this outside of trying to have them factory reset the phone, which I’d rather not as they are remote and if something ends up not working correctly for them I can’t get my hands on the phone easily.

Edit: I was wrong about the firmware version when I posted this. It’s been on 4.10.2 since it was deployed a couple of weeks ago.

I updated my P330 to the latest firmware yesterday and it came back.

Uggh, I was hoping that wasn’t the answer either as I didn’t want to push the firmware update to a remote phone but thanks for pointing me in the direction.

The update added a nice touch of differentiating the line keys too with a different label colour. Not sure if it’s certainly the firmware update that fixed it, but it kicked something on the latest: 4_10_2.

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I was actually wrong. I did end up upgrading this one to 4.10.2 before sending it out. I think I am back to square one again.

Indeed, that was one of the Improvements from 4_10_1

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