P330 boot loop

We were working on a new deployment for the P330 phones and managed to get 3 of the 19 P330s to somehow get stuck in a boot loop. We were hoping that a possible factory reset could resolve the issue but we are having troubles finding instructions on how to.

During the boot up we don’t see any options to select so we can’t seem to be able to do it from the phone screen and while we can connect to the management web page for the phones, “Factory Reset” doesn’t seem to be an option.

Is there a way to completely wipe these and have them re download firmware/configuration files from the phone system?

In our case we were able to get to the factory reset menu by plugging the phone into a PoE injector that’s not connected to a network. That stopped it from boot looping and we were able to go to the menu on the phone screen to factory reset the phones.

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