P325 phone and EPM - upper and lower case cfg files

Just trying to setup P325 phones (using Latest FreePBX v17 RC2).

I notice if I have DPMA configured, it will write the the /tftpboot config file with the MAC address in all upper case ( 000XXXXXXXXX.cfg). If I have DPMA turned off, it will write the file in all lower case (000xxxxxxxxx.cfg). But changing back and forth on the DPMA setting does not delete the other file, leaving both in the tftpboot directory.

Does the phone have priority in which one it picks? Feels like having both similar files in the directory could cause unexpected results?

I’m trying to get VPN working with my new phone and freepbx server. Planning on buying more if I can get it all going. I noticed the filename when I was trying to debug the phones not connecting to the VPN server (not sure it’s related, of course).

I assume DPMA is not a substitute for VPN.


The Phone will look first lower case.cfg and than upper case.cfg.

When you enable the DPMA the actual phone config will be inside the asterisk directory

 /etc/asterisk/dpma/phone_configs/<ext number>

The the tftpboot config file is just to redirecting to asterisk SIP for the DPMA provision.

Also the VPN works fine with DPMA on my system.

Will that leave the lower case file overriding the DPMA redirection?

I’m sure the VPN is a config problem. Still working on it :slight_smile:

And if the phone is on DPMA config, it looks like it can only support a single line?

If the content is the same, then there is no problem. You can also delete that lowercase file. The phone supports multiple lines with DPMA configuration.

Content isn’t the same for the two files. One gets all the config info, one has the sip redirect.