P325 Ignores CID Prefix

I’m setting up some systems using P325 sets. I have setup other systems using the S505 sets and I am finding out the P325’s seem to be lacking in many ways. One issue is that the P325 is ignoring a CID prefix that I have set on a ring group. In testing you can see the incoming extension number, but no prefix. I setup an S505 on the system and there is no issue. Also the P325 will change the ringtone for that ring group, it appears to pay attention to some of the settings. Latest firmware on the P325 is 1.73 Any help would be appreciated.

The latest firmware is 4.18.2


Ah yes… apologies! I have 4.18.1 loaded. Couple of things, first I tried to load 4.18.2 and I get a firmware failed error on the set. Second, I don’t see anything in the notes for .2 that deals with a fix for CID prefixes?

Just tested the CID-name-prefix (ring group) on a P370 & P330. It does NOT WORK! You are correct. It is a bug…
@lgaetz & @mdavenport could you please advise where to file a bug report

This is probably not a bug. The P (and D) series phones will substitute the CID name from the phonebook in place of the CID name in the INVITE where it exists. This will have the effect of stripping prefixes etc. in the FreePBX ecosystem. We have a roadmap item to address this in the medium term, but no ETA at this time.

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