P310 built in VPN not working with FreePBX

I have Sangoma P310 they provision OK using DPMA without VPN. When VPN is switched on from Extension Mapping the phone does not connect or provision at all. It is suck in Reconfiguring loop.
It looks like the phone does not get the VPN config from the FreePBX at all. I have FreePBX Version: Asterisk 18.13.0. I have updated EPM to edge version today - no change.

Is anyone actually usinig P310 or any P-series with built in FreePBX VPN?
the S series provision/work fine with same FreePBX.

Haven’t used the p series, but have you tried a different phone firmware to see if that changes anything?

It looks like every time I downgrade the firmware from phone’s web GUI the phone upgrades to the most recent firmware by itself when provisioned even though both slots are set for a lower firmware. Is it me or is this as expected?

Actually after couple more reboots the phone received the lower firmware - so I tested 3.7.2, 3.71 and 3.6.0, Can’t get the VPN on any of them.

P310 with fw versions 3_7_1 and 3_7_2 both work as expected for me. Phone seems to reconfigure and restart a few times when you first join to the VPN, but otherwise works as normal after that. Even updated the firmware over VPN. Zero issues.

Open a Phone support ticket for assistance.Training & Support | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring

edit: You must disable zero-touch redirect for the device in question.

Hi both, I had the same issue and was told by Sangoma Support to RMA, which I haven’t got round to doing and it’s international shipping for just one fairly low cost handset. @lgaetz can you please expand on disabling the zero-touch redirect? Where is this please and I’ll give that a go. Cheers, K.

My FreePBX is in the cloud. If I disable redirection inf portal.sangoma.com how will the handset obtain the settings? Will I need to apply the settings manually phone’s in GUI?

To disable zero touch, see this wiki page Zero Touch Provisioning - Phones - Documentation

Easiest way to provision a factory defaulted phone when zero touch is disabled is to choose ‘Configuration Server’ from the menu displayed on boot and enter the pbx IP and DPMA port. Only need to do this once.

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I disabled the redirection/zero touch but I’m afraid the phones still don’t get VPN. The phones do get the config because after the second reboot they try to connect to the VPN server’s IP instead of initially public IP but they get no response from and VPN is not up in the System Admin for these phones as well. It is not only one phone, so I rule out a faulty phone.

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