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we have been using the Sangoma redirection service for remote workers with S series phones for quite some time however I have been trying to do the same with the P series phones recently and can’t seem to get it working. I have tried several out of the box devices and it seems like it’s not actually hitting the redirection service as the portal is reporting last poll as N/A with no info from the device. On an S series device I notice a step in the boot sequence where it mentions reaching out to the redirection server which I dont see in the P series bootup process.

Is anyone using redirection with the P series devices? I never could get it working with D series phones either.

**Update - it might also be worth noting that in addition to the poll count for the device in the Sangoma portal showing zero, I verified on my network firewall that there are also 0 attempts of any kind being made to the IP address of the PBX which means the phone is never attempting to connect to it in the first place.

Using it with S, D and P without issue…

Thanks for the reply. Hopefully I will get it working eventually. The phone just boots up to an empty configuration server selection screen like it’s waiting for something to do.

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Found our issue: Somehow we were prefixing the server address with https://, likely from the S series configuration. After removing this so it was only the FQDN in the configuration server address field without any prefix, everything started working.


Also for FWW, the poll counter for that endpoint is still 0 for the now working device so i’m assuming it’s a bug within the portal.

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