P-series phone factory reset from GUI?

I’m not finding anything the GUI or docs/wiki about how to do this. Have a set of P330s that are fubar and I need to factory reset them, as they are not picking up config changes from EPM.


That can’t be done remotely. I’m talking about the web GUI for the handsets.

There is no way to factory default a P phone remotely, tho there are plans to add this in the medium term.

As an admin that is a glaring regression from over a decade of Digium/Sangoma phones.

I am really disappointed in the P-series phones; from being in a boot loop out of the box, to right now, they’ve been nothing but one headache after another.

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I am so glad someone else see this as an issue with the P Series phones.
I have requested/complained to Sangoma for SO LONG and who ever is in charge of this has blinders.

I sent the following to Sangoma:

  1. Be able to factory reset and manage the P-Series phone Settings remotely.
    Why: We get so many complaints about having to get customers to go onsite to do a factory reset or get into the menu of the P-Series phones. We have clients nationwide, and an example is XXXXX that has over 40 sites. Their staff in most cases will not do this and they must deploy staff that have to travel 50 plus miles just to do a factory reset or even a reboot.
    It makes Sangoma and us look bad. All other manufactures, including Sangoma S-Series allow for this feature.
    In the case of XXXX, they have stopped purchasing P-Series phones and are purchasing Yealink phones so they can be managed remotely.
    From the phone menu itself these are the options, but you MUST be on-site to access these:
    • About.
    • Applications.
    • Preferences.
    • Admin Settings.
    • Reconfigure.
    • Restart.
    • Factory reset.
    We need full access to the Phone Menu remotely.

Their arguemnet is someone could access the phone and do damage such as reboot/factory reset etc.

In my opion such nonsense.
a. Someone would need to accesss the company network to get access and attacking phones is going to be the last thing on their mind.

b. Sangoma S-Series, Yealink, Polycom ALL allow this and I have never had anything malicious happen.

b. The menu would be password protected just like the following P-Series commands:
How to take a screenshot of your phone’s display
Continuous view of your phone’s display
Continuous view of your PM200 display

My question to sangoma is are you selling SO MANY P-Series phones you can’t listen to your people selling this?

Please add comments as the power of many is more than the few.

Had a response from Malcom Davenport at sangoma saying:

The web UI should be able to be turned on today by manipulating the template and setting:
setting id=“web_ui_enabled” value=“1” /

Unfortunatly this does no work. When changing the value=“1” it immediatly changes it back to value=“0” as soon as you say Change Basefile.
I have to think it is hard coded into Endpoint Manager as value=“0”

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