P Series Phone - App Development Missing?

Is there a way to enable App Development on the P Series Phone?

When I follow this guide, I go to menu and Admin, but there is no “system” as they say here. I am thinking that the custom phone apps was only for the D Series?


If that’s the case, what is the alternative for a custom app?

–Edit: It’s a P330 version 4_13_1 on PBXact Cloud

No. That whole environment is specific to the D40, D45, D50, D60, D62, D65 and D70 model telephones. It is not a feature-add or capability that we will bring to the P3xx models of telephones. We do not provide a capability for users to build custom applications for the P3xx models of telephones.

Hmm, that’s rather disappointing :frowning:
Is there any particular thought process behind that? I feel like that’s really limiting the ability of the phone’s features.

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