P-Series Call Forward

Hello, I have noticed that Call Forward isn’t being done at the PBX level for P-Series phones and requires the phone to be online to work. It also can’t be turned off in UCP once enabled on the phone. Is an update on the way as part of the Phone App development for P-Series. Thanks.

Edit: BLF Key doesn’t work with *72 Call Forward Feature Code.

*96 Call Forward Toggle doesn’t work with BLF either. If anyone has any other ideas or knowledge of the Phone Apps roadmap for P-Series please, cheers.

How to Upgrade P-Phones Firmware (sangoma.com)

P3XX Firmware - Phones - Documentation (freepbx.org)

P31x Firmware - Phones - Documentation (freepbx.org)

You can keep track of what is changing above. If it is not addressed already, it is better to get a more definitive answer from Sangoma itself.

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